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Sunrise petro : ‌What is API C90 Pipe?

2024-02-05 11:03 251 views

What is API C90 Pipe?

API C90 pipe, also known as API 5CT C90 casing pipe, is a type of seamless steel pipe used in the oil and gas industry. It is designed for use as casing in wellbores, where it serves as the lining of the hole drilled to access subsurface oil and gas deposits.

C90 pipe is specified by the American Petroleum Institute (API) and meets the requirements of API 5CT, a set of standards that defines specifications for seamless steel casing tubes used in oil and gas exploration and production. The "C90" designation indicates the grade of the pipe, which is characterized by its material properties, including tensile strength and hardness.

C90 pipe is manufactured from high-grade carbon steel and is designed to withstand the extreme pressures and temperatures encountered in oil and gas wells. It is available in various wall thicknesses and diameters to meet the demands of different wellbore configurations and production requirements.

During the drilling process, C90 pipe is inserted into the wellbore and serves as a critical component of the well's infrastructure. It supports the walls of the wellbore, preventing collapse, and also provides a barrier between the oil or gas and the surrounding formation. The pipe also allows for the installation of other downhole equipment, such as production tubing, valves, and pumps.

C90 pipe must meet stringent quality control standards to ensure its durability and reliability. It undergoes rigorous testing to verify its mechanical properties, including tensile strength, hardness, and impact resistance. Additionally, the pipe is subject to dimensional checks to ensure it conforms to API 5CT specifications.

The use of C90 pipe in oil and gas wells helps to ensure safe, efficient production operations. It provides a strong and durable casing that safeguards the wellbore and allows for the reliable transportation of oil and gas to the surface pipeline system. C90 pipe is a crucial component in the safe development of oil and gas resources worldwide.

API C90 is a yield strength grade that is controlled by the API and is usually used in sour condensate wells. It is part of Group 2 of API's tubing grades.

Group 2: Restricted-yield tubing grades L80, C90, and T95

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