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Major OCTG Manufacturers in India

2024-04-20 20:36 72 views

Major OCTG Manufacturers in India Overview

OCTG (Oil Country Tubular Goods) are indispensable pipes for oil and gas extraction. As one of the world's rapidly growing energy markets, India has several OCTG manufacturers that support the oil and gas industries both domestically and internationally. Here are some of the major OCTG manufacturers in India.

1. Jindal Saw Ltd.

Jindal Saw Ltd. is one of India's leading steel pipe manufacturers, offering a variety of steel pipe products, including OCTG. The company is known for its high-quality products and a wide range of product lines.

2. Welspun Group

The Welspun Group is one of India's largest integrated steel pipe manufacturers, with its product range covering OCTG. Welspun is recognized for its innovative manufacturing technology and quality products.

3. Apollo Pipes

Apollo Pipes is one of India's leading OCTG manufacturers, focusing on the production of high-quality oil pipes and casing. The company is known for its advanced production facilities and strict quality control.

4. Gujarat Seamless Ltd.

Gujarat Seamless Ltd. is a renowned seamless steel pipe manufacturer in India, offering a variety of steel pipe products, including OCTG. The company is highly regarded for its superior product performance and reliability.

5. Vijay Pipes & Tubes

Vijay Pipes & Tubes is a well-known steel pipe manufacturer in India, offering various specifications of OCTG products. The company is known for its customized solutions and rapid response to customer needs.

6. ISMT Ltd.

ISMT Ltd. is one of the largest steel pipe manufacturers in Eastern India, offering a variety of steel pipe products, including OCTG. ISMT is favored in the market for its innovative manufacturing processes and high-quality customer service.

7. Tata Steel

Tata Steel is one of India's largest steel companies and also produces OCTG products. The company is recognized for its strong R&D capabilities and a wide range of product applications.

8. Steel Authority of India (SAIL)

As India's largest state-owned steel company, Steel Authority of India (SAIL) also offers OCTG products. SAIL is trusted by the market for its stable supply capabilities and products that meet international standards.


India's OCTG manufacturers contribute to the development of the global oil and gas industry with their high-quality products, innovative technology, and good market reputation. With the continuous expansion of India's oil and gas industry, these manufacturers are expected to continue growing and enhancing their competitiveness in the global market.

When selecting an OCTG supplier, in addition to considering product quality and price, one should also consider the manufacturer's reputation, delivery capabilities, and customer service. Collaborating with these major manufacturers can ensure that oil and gas companies obtain reliable and high-quality products.


  • Jindal Saw Ltd. Official Website
  • Welspun Group Official Website
  • Apollo Pipes Official Website
  • Gujarat Seamless Ltd. Official Website
  • Vijay Pipes & Tubes Official Website
  • ISMT Ltd. Official Website
  • Tata Steel Official Website
  • Steel Authority of India (SAIL) Official Website

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  • API T95 Steel Grade Specifications
    API T95 is a controlled yield strength steel grade specified by the American Petroleum Institute (API) for use in sour service applications, which are characterized by the presence of hydrogen sulfide (H2S). This grade is designed to offer superior resist
  • API Q125 Steel Grade Specifications
    API Q125 is a high-strength steel grade designated by the American Petroleum Institute (API) for use in deep well service. It is specifically designed to provide the necessary mechanical properties to withstand the extreme pressures and loads encountered
  • USS C90 Steel Grade Specifications
    USS C90 is a proprietary restricted yield strength steel grade developed by U.S. Steel for specialized use in sour condensate wells. This high-strength steel is designed to provide exceptional resistance to sulfide stress cracking (SSCC), making it an ide
  • Q125 HC Steel Grade
    Q125 HC is a high-strength steel grade designed for applications within the oil and gas industry where enhanced collapse resistance is required. Manufactured to meet the stringent API 5CT specifications, Q125 HC offers superior performance characteristics
  • Q125 HP Steel Grade
    Q125 HP is a high-performance steel grade manufactured to meet the rigorous demands of the oil and gas industry, particularly for applications requiring exceptional collapse resistance. This product is designed to exceed the minimum internal yield pressur