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Top 10 OCTG suppliers & manufacturers in China

2023-05-19 13:11 874 views

List of 10 Major OCTG Tubing & Casing manufacturers in China

  • Tianjin Boer King Steel Import and Export Co., Ltd.
    Main Products : Casing Pipe , Seamless Steel Pipe , High Pressure Boiler Tube , Spiral Steel Pipe , Stainless Steel Pipe

    Main Products : Seamless Pipe/Boiler Tube , Alloy Steel Seamless Pipe , API 5CT Petroleum Tubing Casing , Stainless Steel Seamless Tubes , Slotted Casing Seamless Pipe

  • Permanent Steel Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
    Main Products : Seamless Steel Pipe , Piling Pipe , ERW Pipe , Spiral Welded Pipe , LSAW Steel Pipe

  • Wuxi Oilfield Equipment and Tools Group Co., Ltd.
    Main Products : Rig Parts , Well Control and Well Head Equipment , OCTG , Pumping Equipments , Solid Control Equipment

    Main Products : Galvanized Sheet , Seamless Steel Tube , Rock Wool Board , Stainless Steel Pipe , Round Steel

  • Shandong Light Fir Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.
    Main Products : Oilfield Equipment , Mud Pump and Spare Parts , Pumping Unit Pump Jack , Cementing Tools Float Collar/Shoe Centralizer , Blowout Preventor Bop

  • Baowu Aluminum (Shandong) Co., Ltd.
    Main Products : API 5CT OCTG Casing Tubing Q125 Petroleum Pipe, Oil and Gas Well Casing Tube API 5CT N80 K55, OCTG Pipe Oilfield Tubing and Casing Seamless OCTG

    Main Products : API OCTG K55 N80 P110 L80 Casing and Tubing, API 5CT 9 5/8 J55 OCTG Casing Pipe, API 5CT 7 5/8 Casing Pipe Price List Oilfield OCTG API

  • Hunan Hengan Weiye Metal Products Co., Ltd.
    Main Products : Oil and Gas Well Casing Tube API 5CT N80 K55, 9-5/8 Btc API-5CT J55 Casing Pipe API Well Oil Casing, Casing and Tubing API 5CT 5L K55 P110 Seamless Oil

  • Sunrise petro Petro
    Sunrise petro invested in the OCTG Tubing production line in 1995 and has since provided high quality OCTG Tubing to ShengLI oilfield and other major oilfields in China.

OCTG ( Oil Country Tubular Goods ) Tubing & Casing
are applied onshore and offshore in oil and gas production. The abbreviation OCTG is frequently used in the business to designate these tubular goods. Each wellbore goes through several stages, each of which has its own range of difficulties. They are predominately made of robust steel, which gives the essential material qualities, besides being the most cost-effective option. Oil Country Tubular Goods of varying diameters are employed at various depths in a single wellbore - this is mostly casing that can thwart down in size at the end. The present situation of lower oil prices will have a considerable impact on the tubular products industry in oil-producing countries. The global market for oil country tubular goods is likely to rise in sync with the large oil and gas industry.

Sunrise Petroleum

Contact OCTG Manufacturers

China is one of the most important supply bases in the global petroleum equipment industry chain. If you are looking for manufacturers and suppliers of related products, we will provide the latest inquiry and quotation, and contact us (email:  sales@sunrise-petroleum.com), To obtain the OCTG price list for free.

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  • API T95 Steel Grade Specifications
    API T95 is a controlled yield strength steel grade specified by the American Petroleum Institute (API) for use in sour service applications, which are characterized by the presence of hydrogen sulfide (H2S). This grade is designed to offer superior resist
  • API Q125 Steel Grade Specifications
    API Q125 is a high-strength steel grade designated by the American Petroleum Institute (API) for use in deep well service. It is specifically designed to provide the necessary mechanical properties to withstand the extreme pressures and loads encountered
  • USS C90 Steel Grade Specifications
    USS C90 is a proprietary restricted yield strength steel grade developed by U.S. Steel for specialized use in sour condensate wells. This high-strength steel is designed to provide exceptional resistance to sulfide stress cracking (SSCC), making it an ide
  • Q125 HC Steel Grade
    Q125 HC is a high-strength steel grade designed for applications within the oil and gas industry where enhanced collapse resistance is required. Manufactured to meet the stringent API 5CT specifications, Q125 HC offers superior performance characteristics
  • Q125 HP Steel Grade
    Q125 HP is a high-performance steel grade manufactured to meet the rigorous demands of the oil and gas industry, particularly for applications requiring exceptional collapse resistance. This product is designed to exceed the minimum internal yield pressur